Revolutionary Design

The Shark Wheel’s SWIFT (Sine Wave Innovative and Flotation Traction wheel) has shown best-in-industry performance in center pivot irrigation for rutting performance. A recent test saw an industrial leading wheel dig a 14” deep rut compared to a Shark Wheel’s 1” rut.

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Sufficient bite with bi-directional tread pattern allows the wheel to work equally well in both directions


Priced lower than other airless tire designs with a significant rutting advantage


The paddles flex to absorb load and increase surface area to minimize drivetrain failures

Modular Design

60 second fixes in field if any modular paddles break


Airless tire that can never go flat

Minimize Rutting

Least amount of rutting in the industry. The out-of-phase wheels push soil toward center unlike a traditional wheel

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Airless. Rutting Solved

The Reinvention of the Wheel

Tested for 3 Years

Shark Wheel is a 3-time government grant recipient through the National Science Foundation and has tested for 3 years through industry leader and is now commercializing its wheel a 2023 rollout

BEST-IN-INDUSTY tracking with the lowest amount of rutting

Compared to the industry leader 11.2/38 tires:

1.Rutting: 55% less ruts – between 1-4 inches
2.Flat Tires: 100% less flat tires

Shark Wheel SWIFT

Airless Irrigation Wheel That Solves Rutting

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