• What are the main advantages of the Shark Wheel SWIFT?

    1. Airless

    2. Least amount of rutting in the industry. The front wheel creates a small left-right-left rut. The rear wheel moves the opposite right-left-right and fills in the rut

    3. 60 second repairs. The modular paddles (30 per wheel) can be fixed in 60 seconds or less. No more driving a truck and killing crops on the way in and out of the field to fix a flat. Just wait until the wheel comes back to the pivot row and walk out to fix it in one minute

    4. Most airless tires destroy gearboxes/drivetrains prematurely. Shark Wheels have paddles that flex to take the stress off. In that regard, they act similar to a pneumatic tire

  • What if a paddle breaks?

    They rarely do. But, if one breaks, if 5 break, if 10 break no problem--no need to stop irrigating. Just wait until the pivot comes back to the pivot row where it's convenient and take one minute to change it out. No more driving into the field killing crops on the way in and out to repair it

  • What is the traction like?

    Shark Wheel SWIFT 2.0 (2024) has sufficient traction for all soil types

  • Does it help with soil compaction?

    Yes, it does. In fact, we are working with the industry leaders in tractors and we're late stage development on our tractor wheel because they have seen how we reduce soil compaction by the wheels not going in the same track. Shark Wheels front and back wheels do not go over the same tracks

  • Do Shark Wheels fit on all branded pivots?

    Yes. Shark Wheels fit on Reinke, Zimmatic and Valley machines with no issue. For T-L machines, it requires a spacer. Contact Cory in the parts department (800) 330-4264, ext 232 or CJT@tlirr.com. Contact Shark Wheel for T-L 9 bolt pivot wheels in stock May 2024

  • How many Shark Wheels fit on a pallet?

    5 Shark Wheels per pallet

  • How do you properly install Shark Wheels to get the best rutting performance?

    Install the front wheel where the paddle closest to your chest is at the 12 o'clock position. Line up the rear wheel the same way, but move one bolt over and then install.

  • What size wheels do you sell? Can it work on my farm?

    Shark Wheels have the same rolling circumference as a 14.9x24 tire. It can run alongside 38s too however.

  • If a paddle breaks can I get a replacement?

    Of course. They are very cheap and very easy to replace. Contact your local dealer to get a replacement if you ever need it

  • Do I have to worry about corrosion?

    The wheels are hot dip galvanized. No corrosion. The paddles are spring steel with overmolded rubber. If a piece of rubber chunks off from hitting a rock, it could lead to corrosion over many many years. But, it's a cheap and easy part to replace if needed

  • What is your warranty?

    We have an industry standard 5 year warranty found here. We stand behind the manufacturing quality of our parts

  • Can I just buy the paddles and put them on a wheel I have?

    No. They only work on Shark Wheel-provided wheels. Our wheels put stresses on the wheel differently than a traditional wheel. If the paddles are installed on a traditional wheel, the wheel will break

  • What is the best place to find a dealer carrying your wheels?

    SharkWheelAg.com/Dealers Call a couple dealers to find the best pricing

  • Will Shark Wheel come out with tractor wheels?

    Shark Wheel's sprayer tractor wheel could be out as early as 2025! It is in testing right now